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Late Fall — The Sweet Spot for a Budget-Smart Cancun Escape

Okay, right up front, let’s talk about the low season, late Fall Cancun weather. By November, hurricane season has passed, the rains have given way to reliably sunny days, and the temperatures average in the high 70°s to low 80°s with greatly reduced humidity. Sweet! And things gets even better. Kids haven’t gotten out of school yet for the high holidays, so far fewer families are traveling here than during the Summer (and don’t get us started on the infamy of Cancun crowds at Spring Break). This means quieter, roomier beaches, plenty of space on excursions, and wide-open dinner and spa reservations. This is sounding pretty good, right? It still gets better. The significant reduction in visitors compared to Spring and Summer sends hotels, airlines, and cruise lines scrambling to fill rooms, seats, and cabins, which of course they do by offering big-time deals. And we do mean big-time.

Just take a look at the roundup of Cancun hotel offers we’ve pulled for the sample travel dates of November 16 – 19. As you can see, there are savings up to 70% off the cost of what you’d pay in Spring, and 50%-60% savings are common. Many of these bargain stays also come with bonus perks like free WiFi, free breakfast, free waterpark access, and more. The best values, of course, are the amazing all-inclusive offers. Combine these deals with similar savings on airline tickets and the bustle-free experience of a prime beach getaway without the high season mobs, and it’s easy to see the strong appeal of traveling off-peak.

If this year’s storms have left you wary of traveling anywhere near the Caribbean anywhere near hurricane season, even after it’s officially ended, we have two words for you. Travel Insurance. Hurricanes don’t hit out of nowhere, like tornadoes. As we see every year, there’s plenty of lead-time to get informed if things are looking iffy for your travel dates. With good insurance, you can cancel or reschedule your trip without a financial loss if you have any reason to doubt your safety. Most travel agencies can arrange insurance, but they may simply favor those companies that pay them the best commission regardless of their quality. Do your own research to find the best coverage — comparison sites such as Insure My Trip and Travel Insurance Review will help you make sense of the many policy options and simplify finding the best choice for your trip. Above all, make sure to choose a company that is a member of the U.S. Travel Insurance Association, such as Travel Guard or Allianz Global Assistance (USTIA’s website lists all members).

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to low season travel. With the proper planning, you can minimize concerns and make the most of the many pros of late Fall travel to Cancun.

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